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Light Bar Technology Overview

Light Bar Technology

Curious about the latest differences in LED Light Bar Technology? Here is a quick rundown to help you choose the light bar that is right for you. 3D light bars utilize a reflective cone to distribute light. 4D bars replaced the cone with a “fisheye” lens that really focus the light beam to provide longer distance. The 5D bars have combined these two with the reflective cone sitting under the “fisheye” lens which allows the beam to travel the same distance but with a larger pattern.




Hyperspot & Flood

All of our 4D and 5D light bars are a combination of hyperspot fisheye lenses and flood style fisheye lenses. The center of the light uses the hyperspot lenses to concentrate the beam forward while the outer LED lenses disperse the patter outward giving a wider pattern. This is really best of both worlds and provides the optimal amount of lighting.